jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2009

Sin título (Untitled)

Pronto os informaré sobre el estreno de Sin título en Madrid, que tendrá lugar el día 28 de este mes. Mientras tanto os dejo con el poema "Sin título", que, al igual que todo el corto, ha sido traducido al inglés.

UNTITLED (Sin título)
(traducido por: Dom Karczewski)

Digging in my throat with a quill
while a car returns to its point of departure
undoing the journey
its path
forgetting the blue line of the sea toward the interior
the inside
Speeding up and ruling out one exit over another
looking for the neon
the asphalt
the never ending highway
speeding up to keep on searching
for what you have looked for all your life
And time is running out
and the quill is useless
to mark the bursts of acceleration on the map
red circles randomly scattered
because chance is only the way
that necessity manifests

Poem by: David Refoyo

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